Ethereum Merge Approaching - Buyers speculating on hardfork money

8/20/2022, 08:05 AM
Ethereum Merge Approaching - Buyers speculating on hardfork money
The time has come for the Ethereum merge. On August 18, the ETH developer community agreed on the final deadline for the historic upgrade. In a 76-minute meeting, the developers decided on September 15th.

September 15 is therefore considered the most likely date for the network upgrade. However, the exact time of the merge could still change, as the final implementation of the upgrade depends on the hash rate of the Ethereum network, explains Ethereum developer Marius van der Wijden.

With the merger now a done deal, many investors are wondering how to prepare for this historic event. First of all, there is no immediate need for action for Ether holders as their ETH will be automatically upgraded to ETH 2.0. So the easiest way to prepare for the Ethereum merge is to keep your feet still and wait.

Overall, the Ethereum merge is a positive development that will bring many benefits to the network. For users, the most important thing is to stay informed and to be patient. With a bit of preparation, the transition to ETH 2.0 will be smooth and exciting.

  • ETH Fork Money Guide
  • 1. Find a Exchange that supports EthPoW
  • 2. Buy ETH
  • 3. Wait for the fork
  • 4. Spent the tokens on two blockchains

The crypto market has seen its fair share of forks, with Bitcoin alone experiencing a large number of forks in 2017. These forks occur when there is a disagreement among the community over an upgrade to the blockchain network.
As a result, the blockchain is forked, and holders of the original cryptocurrency receive tokens at a 1:1 ratio on each forked blockchain. Some of these forked cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Diamond, still have market capitalizations in the billions of dollars today.

With the Ethereum Merge, there is a possibility of one or more forks occurring. These forks could potentially result in tokens that are valuable. There are two ways to get potential ETH forks after the merge:
Option 1: Hold Ethereum on a centralized exchange that supports ETHPoW tokens. All you have to do is hold your ETH during the merge (expected on September 15) on a crypto exchange that has announced that it will support ETH forks.
If you choose this option, you will receive ETHPOW in your wallet on the crypto exchange after the merge. At the moment, relatively few reputable exchanges have pledged their support for ETHPOW, but this could change in the coming weeks.

Option 2: Run a full node and validate blocks. If you choose this option, you will need to run a full node and validate blocks. This option is more technical and requires more effort than option 1.

No matter which option you choose, there is a chance that you could end up with valuable tokens after the Ethereum Merge.